The mission of 3THIRTEEN MUSIC is to become the preeminent destination for A La Carte music industry services. 


3THIRTEEN MUSIC will be a one stop shop for any and every music artist no matter the size of their budget.  3THIRTEEN MUSIC will offer individual or packaged label services from vendors with pre-negotiated preferred rates. 


In the ever-changing landscape of the music Business there is one constant: The Artist. Without the Artist, there would be no music business. As more and more product gets released into the marketplace every year, according to SoundScan 34.6% of that product is from independent artists. The handicap for the independent artist is that the major labels spend tons of money on their artists to insure success. 3THIRTEEN MUSIC can level playing field, offering the same services and benefits as the major record companies with scaleable and more affordable plans. 

Rather than carrying the loaded salaries of major record companies and their various departments, we are a nimble company designed for fast growth. 

3THIRTEEN MUSIC will serve as the artists’ distributing arm, disseminating their music to all streaming and key retail sites (Spotify, Beats, Rhapsody, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play, youtube, etc.).

How it works 

When a client (artist) comes to 3THIRTEEN MUSIC, we evaluate their needs, wants and goals. Analyzing and understanding their expectations, we generate a customized suggested services package that best suits them, keeping genre, territory, and budget in mind. 
Then, the artist and 3THIRTEEN MUSIC team discuss vendor options and the best way to proceed. 

For each service we have multiple vendors, enabling us to always get the best rate. Our vendors are proven leaders in their field, each having their own expertise, and have over 200 combined years in the music industry. 



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We currently accept all genres. You will receive guaranteed feedback in 5 business days or your money back. This includes an exclusive consultation call with one of our managers to design a campaign that works for your project.

Please include the below list with your submission to avoid delay.

  1. Artist Name.
  2. Bio.
  3. Links to Social Media.
  4. Links to Music Player (Spotify, SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc.).
  5. Contact info.
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