Bridge to Grace is a rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia that came onto the scene in early 2012. They set themselves apart not only by their amazing live show, but also with their ability to construct great songs. Bridge to Grace's motto of "write a song, a day" really has separated them from the rest because they are loaded with powerful songs that range from hard-hitting rockers to emotionally driven ballads, all the while having a unique and compelling sound. Lead singer, David Garcia, has a vocal range comparable to Brent Smith of Shinedown, and Alex Cabrera is really coming into his own as a skilled songwriter and guitarist with technical, but melodic solos. Rounding out the band is drummer Justin Little and bassist Christian Lowenstein, who provide the foundation and chemistry necessary to build such awesome songs and energetic live shows.

Bridge to Grace released their first EP "Staring in the Dark", produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Need To Breathe) in late 2013. Their first single, "The Fold," was released to radio in January 2014 and climbed the active rock charts, where it peaked at #46. They have accomplished this all the while remaining independent from a major record label. Request Bridge to Grace on your local radio station and look for them in your town as they tour nonstop throughout 2014 in support of their EP!
Territories of Representation:
- World Wide